Hyaluronic Acid is a natural occurring substance that is produced in our body. It provides many benefits such as hydration, anti-inflammation and wound healing. Profhilo’s Hyaluronic Acid is produced by the parent company, IBSA, using the purest form of Hyaluronic Acid, we can control the production and ensure every batch is at its optimal quality.

We’d recommend to repeat the treatment protocol after 6 – 9 months. The results may vary depending on individual skin and lifestyle.

The full protocol usually requires 2 – 3 injections, with one month apart between the 1st and 2nd injection. A 3rd treatment may be required 2 months after the 2nd injection, depending on skin laxity. Please consult your doctor for a personalized treatment plan.

This is not a dermal filler, Profhilo is a bio-remodelling injectable. It does not provide volumizing effects like a dermal filler, Profhilo uses its pure hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate the skin by providing hydration, lifting and anti-aging benefits.

There is minimal to no downtime, the bumps (bolus) should go away in about 1 day. With only 5 injection points per side of the face / neck, the pain is generally well-tolerated. If required, the doctor will apply local anesthetics to reduce any possible discomfort during the injection.

A massage is not necessary as the bumps should go away in about 1 day. Massaging may cause inflammation on the injection sites.

You may see bumps (bolus) at the injection sites. It is normal to experience post-treatment discomfort, such as redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising or tenderness at the treatment site.

This treatment is suitable for both males and females. Profhilo is the food for your skin- it provides hydration, lifting, collagen synthesis and anti-aging benefits. As it is not a dermal filler, it does not augment the shape of your face or features. Instead, it provides an overall subtle improvement.

After 2 – 3 weeks, you can expect an improvement in the hydration of your skin with a natural glow. After the full protocol, you should achieve optimal results with visible lifting of the skin and improvement in overall skin texture and radiance. Do note that results may vary between individuals.

Always look out for the Neoasia authenticity sticker (click here to read more) and ensure the serial number, batch and expiry date isn’t tampered.